"I just opened a letter from our school district that says Levi has tested into the gifted program. He is social, smart, sensible and a good friend. The amazing experience he had with Community School will be with him forever. That platform really set him up for success. I could not be more grateful!"

-- Katie, Levi's Mom


The most attention:

Preschool is intended to prepare your child for future academic success, and the Community School’s emphasis on small classroom sizes and its 4-to-1 student-teacher ratio ensure that every child receives the attention they need to thrive and excel in an academic setting. Degree-holding teachers utilize state-aligned curriculum to educate students and enhance their social skills with the ultimate goal of making every child a top performer prior to entering kindergarten. Small classroom sizes and student-teacher ratios during early education can have positive, lasting effects on a child, so parents looking to take advantage of these benefits are encouraged to apply for early consideration today.