Enrollment Fees

The Community School is proud to offer affordable enrollment fees. Families have the option of choosing half-day instruction or full-day instruction.

HALF-DAY (8:00 a.m.-noon)

FULL-DAY (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

Call 602-478-7610 to schedule a 15-minute guided tour where you can explore the campus, meet with instructors and find out more about getting your child on the fast track to future academic success.

Blended Classrooms

Educators and researchers using a blended classroom model discovered that typically developing students leap-frogged far beyond other children in the average preschool setting using the 4-to-1 student-teacher ratio alongside students with autism. Paired with a detailed, highly individualized learning plan for each student, the parents and educators saw incredibly accelerated growth and development.